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This is Us!

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Matt Mullenweg founded WordPress to "democratize publishing for the world." In his interview with "This is Us!", Matt explains the community-focused business philosophy behind the amazing success of WordPress.

Created: 12/06/2010 • 508381 view(s) • Date of speech: 11/11/2010 • Label: Wordpress,blogging,community • Language: English • City of the speech: San Francisco



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Matt Mullenweg

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Matthew Charles Mullenweg (born January 11, 1984 in Houston, Texas) is an entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. He is the founding developer of the popular open-source blogging software WordPress and writes a popular blog, a domain hack. After quitting his job at CNET, he has devoted the majority of his time to developing a number of open source projects and is a frequent speaker at conferences, such as Canada's Northern Voice and the WordCamp events organized around WordPress software. In late 2005, he founded Automattic, the business behind and Akismet. Mullenweg attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he studied jazz saxophone. Mullenweg is also a Dvorak Keyboard user.

Country or city of residence: San Francisco
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