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New Times: The Future of Journalism

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The traditional print newspaper is struggling to stay profitable in the face of competition from electronic sources of information. What does this mean to the future of journalism? Philip Balboni of the GlobalPost; Alberto Ibarguen of the Knight Foundation; Paul Steiger of ProPublica; Arthur Sulzberger of the New York Times and Martin Nisenholtz of the New York Times Digital Operations discuss these questions in a conversation moderated by Joel Brinkley of Stanford. The Carlos Kelly McClatchy Memorial Lectures and Symposia were established in 1964 to bring Stanford University distinguished national and world leaders in the field of journalism.

Created: 01/12/2011 • 499411 view(s) • Date of speech: 10/22/2009 • Label: journalism,future,newspaper • Language: English • City of the speech: Stanford University



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Arthur Sulzberger

Entire profile:
Arthur Sulzberger    Wikipedia Other

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. (born September 22, 1951) became the publisher of The New York Times in 1992 and chairman of the board of its owner, The New York Times Company, in 1997, succeeding his father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Sulzberger is sometimes referred to as "Pinch," a play on his father's nickname of "Punch."

Country or city of residence: New York City
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Philip balboni

Entire profile:
Philip balboni    Facebook Linked In Wikipedia Other

Philip Balboni is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of GlobalPost. GlobalPost is an online-based international news agency. It has the mission: "to redefine international news for the digital age. The group started on January 12, 2009, with 65 correspondents worldwide. Former Washington Post journalist Caryle Murphy, based in Saudi Arabia, and Time journalist and novelist Matt Beynon Rees, based in Jerusalem, worked for the agency from the beginning. Philip Balboni started it with $8.5 million from private investors. He had previously started the New England Cable News network. The agency largely supports itself from internet advertising.

Country or city of residence: Greater Boston Area
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Alberto Ibarguen

Alberto Ibarguen    Linked In Wikipedia Other

Alberto Ibargüen is President and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in Miami, Florida. He is the former publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald in Miami, Florida, and is chairman of the board of the World Wide Web Foundation, founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Under his leadership, The Miami Herald won three Pulitzer Prizes; El Nuevo Herald won Spain's Ortega y Gasset Prize for excellence in journalism. He is also chairman of the board of the Newseum in Washington, DC, and member of the boards of Pepsico, the Council on Foreign Relations, AMR Corporation (American Airlines), and Snag Films. Ibargüen is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. After college and prior to law school, he served in the Peace Corps in Venezuela's Amazon Territory and in Colombia.

Country or city of residence: Miami
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paul steiger

Entire profile:
paul steiger    Wikipedia Other

Paul Steiger (born 1942) was managing editor of the Wall Street Journal from 1991 until May 15, 2007. He is currently editor at large for The Wall Street Journal and a vice president of Dow Jones & Company. He chairs the Committee to Protect Journalists and has won numerous journalism awards. He is editor-in-chief of ProPublica, an "independent, non-profit newsroom", which commenced operations in 2008.

Country or city of residence: USA
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Martin Nesenholtz

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Martin Nesenholtz    Twitter Other

Martin Nisenholtz was named senior vice president, digital operations for The New York Times Company in February 2005. He is responsible for the strategy development, operations and management of The New York Times Company's digital properties, including, whose acquisition was announced in February 2005. Prior to joining the Times Company, Mr. Nisenholtz was director of content strategy for Ameritech Corporation, where he was responsible for guiding development of new video programming opportunities and interactive information and advertising services.

Country or city of residence: New York
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