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BCLS 2010 - Digital Technology - Full Length

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Digital Technology: Technology as a Tool for Social Change Blouin Creative Leadership Summit September 23, 2010 Featuring Ali Velshi, Chief Business Correspondent, CNN Nathan Eagle, Founder, txteagle Dr. Gary Flake, Director, Live Labs Microsoft Dr. Jeffrey Friedberg, Chief Trust Architect, Microsoft Chris Hughes, Co-Founder, Facebook and Jumo Craig Newmark, Founder, Craigslist Digital technology has not only changed the way in which commerce and business is organized, it has fundamentally altered how social relations are created, maintained and carried out. With the rise of micro-blogging and collaborative writing forums such as Wikipedia, the Internet has created a space that allows for new collectives to form, based upon the generation and exchange of information and knowledge. How, then, can digital and networked technologies be used to create new forms of political and social consciousness? What new innovations are on the horizon and what impact will they have?

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Chris Hughes

Entire profile:
Chris Hughes    Blog Rss Facebook Twitter CrunchBase Wikipedia Other

Chris Hughes, an original Co-founder of Facebook, is a founder of Jumo, a startup that aims to use the social web to foster long-term relationships of responsibility between individuals and organizations working to change the world. Prior to founding Jumo, Chris worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at General Catalyst Partners in 2009. Hughes served as developer of President Obama’s campaign website and social media campaign for the 2008 Presidential election.

Country or city of residence: New York
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Ali Velshi

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Ali Velshi    Blog Rss Facebook Twitter Linked In Wikipedia Other

Ali Velshi (born October 29, 1968) is a Canadian television journalist best known for his work on CNN. He is CNN's Chief Business Correspondent, and host of CNN's weekday show, CNN Newsroom, which airs Mon-Fri at 1pm-3pm ET.

Country or city of residence: New York/Atlanta
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Nathan Eagle

Entire profile:
Nathan Eagle    Blog Facebook Linked In

Nathan Eagle is the CEO of txteagle Inc. He holds faculty appointments at the MIT Media Laboratory and Northeastern University, and is an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. His research involves engineering computational tools, designed to explore how the petabytes of data generated about human movements, financial transactions, and communication patterns can be used for social good. He holds a BS and two MS degrees from Stanford's School of Engineering; his PhD from the MIT Media Laboratory on Reality Mining was declared one of the '10 technologies most likely to change the way we live' by the MIT Technology Review. Recently, he was named one of the world's top mobile phone developers by Nokia and also elected to the TR35. His academic work has been featured in Science, Nature and PNAS, as well as in the mainstream press.

Country or city of residence: Santa Fe, New Mexico Area
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Gary William Flake

Entire profile:
Gary William Flake    Blog Rss Facebook Twitter Linked In Wikipedia

Gary William Flake is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and author of the book, The Computational Beauty of Nature (MIT Press 1998), which is used in college courses worldwide. He has numerous publications spanning over 15 years which have focused on machine learning, data mining, and self-organization. His other research interests include Web measurements, efficient algorithms, models of adaptation inspired by nature, and time series forecasting. Flake received his bachelor's degree in 1989 from Clemson University, and his PhD in 1993 from the University of Maryland, College Park. He became a research scientist at NEC Research Institute in 2000 and the leader of its Web data-mining program. Dr. Flake became Overture's Chief Science Officer in 2002, and after Yahoo merged with Overture, ran Yahoo! Research Labs, its corporate research and development activities, and company-wide innovation effort, eventually becoming a vice-president.

Country or city of residence: Bellevue, Washington
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Craig Newmark

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Craig Newmark    Blog Rss Facebook Twitter Linked In CrunchBase Wikipedia Other

A web-oriented software engineer by training, with 30 years of IT experience at companies such as IBM and Bank of America, Craig now spends his days working as a customer service rep at craigslist. In 1995 while Craig was working at Schwab, he started craigslist as an email list for friends and co-workers about events going on in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1999, Craig retired from IT consulting to work full-time on craigslist. What started as a fun side project in Craig’s living room has since grown into one of the busiest sites on the internet, helping people with basic day-to-day needs such as finding a job, an apartment and a date, all within a culture of trust.

Country or city of residence: San Francisco
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