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Social networking online has become ubiquitous in all our lives, and connecting online is valuable for all of us. The panelists from some of the world's most successful social networking sites discuss the separation of personal and professional networking online.

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Reid Hoffman

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Reid Hoffman    Twitter Linked In CrunchBase Wikipedia

Reid Hoffman is an entrepreneur and partner at Greylock Partners. He previously served as CEO of LinkedIn, and stepped down from the CEO position a second time in June 2009. Reid joined Greylock Partners in 2009. His areas of focus include consumer Internet, enterprise 2.0, mobile, social gaming, online marketplaces, payments, and social networks. Reid likes to work with products that can reach hundreds of millions of participants and businesses that have network effects. Reid was LinkedIn’s founding CEO from 2003 to 2007. During this time, Reid built the company to over 9 million members and profitability. Reid stepped down from CEO in early 2007 to serve as Chairman and President of Products, ceding the CEO position to Dan Nye. In December 2008, Reid retook the position of CEO, with Jeff Weiner serving as Interim President.

Country or city of residence: Palo Alto, CA
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Stefan Gross-Selbeck

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Stefan Gross-Selbeck    Facebook Twitter Linked In CrunchBase Wikipedia Other

Dr. Stefan Gross-Selbeck has been CEO of XING AG since January 2009. In this position he is responsible for pursuing and broadening XING's growth strategy through the opening up of additional new business fields, the ongoing enhancement of the services on offer to members and continued internationalization.

Country or city of residence: Germany
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Marc Cenedella

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Marc Cenedella    Facebook Twitter Linked In CrunchBase Wikipedia Other

Marc Cenedella is the founder and chief executive officer of, the world’s leading online marketplace for $100K+ jobs and $100K+ job seekers. Marc started in 2003 to make finding a professional job a lot easier, and transformed the way $100K+ candidates and recruiters connect online. With a membership base of 3.5 million, job search and recruitment model has been embraced by executives and employers alike, with the company ranking #1 for overall satisfaction in an independent survey of recruiters. has received numerous accolades, including the 2009 Webby Award for Best Employment Website, 2009 Best Companies to Work for New York, 2009 Silicon Alley Award - Most Likely to be Worth $1 Billion and “Best of the Web” designations by BusinessWeek and Forbes.

Country or city of residence: New York
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Nazar Yasin

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Nazar Yasin    Linked In CrunchBase

Nazar is the CEO of Forticom, which is the world's 3rd largest social networking company and the #1 social networking company in Eastern Europe / Russia / CIS. Forticom operates the world's leading Russian social network (Odnoklassniki), the #1 Polish social network (Nasza-klasa), and the largest social networking brand in the Baltic states (ONE).

Country or city of residence: Greater New York City Area
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David Kirkpatrick

David Kirkpatrick    Facebook Twitter Linked In CrunchBase

David Kirkpatrick is the author of The Facebook Effect and an organizer of the Techonomy conference. Previously, he was the senior editor for internet and technology at Fortune Magazine. He specialized in the computer and technology industries, as well as in the impact of the Internet on business and society. He thinks that impact is huge. His book, The Facebook Effect, about Facebook’s history and how it is changing behaviors across societies worldwide, was recently published. He maintains a blog at

Country or city of residence: New York
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