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Delivering Happiness

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Don't "sell" your product. Hsieh's goal in a presentation is not to sell shoes; it's to inspire his audience. Inspire them to do what? I asked Hsieh. "Inspired to provide better customer service, inspired to improve your corporate culture, inspired to learn more about the science of happiness," Hsieh responded. Most presenters fail to make the distinction between selling and inspiring. According to Hsieh, a brand is a shortcut to emotions. Decide what emotion you want your brand to stand for. Hsieh's presentations hardly touch on the subject of e-commerce, and neither do his blog or Twitter posts. Instead, he takes every opportunity to write and speak on customer service, culture, and happiness. "Ultimately, it causes people to be more attached to the brand and the company. You'd much rather support a company that inspires you than one that doesn't," says Hsieh. by Carmine Gallo

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Tony Hsieh

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Tony originally got involved with Zappos as an advisor and investor in 1999, about 2 months after the company was founded. Over time, Tony ended up spending more and more time with the company because it was both the most fun and the most promising out of all the companies that he was involved with. He eventually joined Zappos full time in 2000. Under his leadership, Zappos has grown gross merchandise sales from $1.6M in 2000 to over $1 billion in 2008 by focusing relentlessly on customer service. Tony focuses on continuing to grow the business at a rapid pace while maintaining the culture and feel of a small company. Prior to joining Zappos, Tony co-founded Venture Frogs with Alfred Lin. Venture Frogs is an incubator and investment firm that invested in Internet startups, including Ask Jeeves, Tellme Networks, and of course, Prior to Venture Frogs, Tony co-founded LinkExchange, an advertising network that was successfully sold to Microsoft for $265M in 1998.

Country or city of residence: Las Vegas
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