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Loic Le Meur interview

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Interview réalisée par Géneviève Petit, spécialiste du web pour le groupe TF1

Created: 01/10/2011 • 507378 view(s) • Date of speech: 12/08/2010 • Label: platform,conference • Language: Français • City of the speech: Paris, France See the conference in details



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Loic Le Meur

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Loic Le Meur    Blog Rss Facebook Twitter Linked In CrunchBase YouTube Channel Foursquare Other

Based in San Francisco, I am an entrepreneur and a blogger. I just started my fifth startup, Seesmic, a community driven video social software. I am blogging every day a video on about (almost) everything I do as I start Seesmic, I also constantly post short thoughts to twitter and often my pictures on Flickr. I also organize every year in Paris the conference LeWeb3 that gathers more than a thousand bloggers and entrepreneurs from 40 countries on Dec 11 and 12.

Country or city of residence: San Francisco
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