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Trois questions to Mike Jones (MySpace)

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Speakers at Le Web 10 interviewed by public French Television Mike Jones est PDG de MySpace

Created: 12/08/2010 • 507540 view(s) • Date of speech: 12/08/2010 • Label: social • Language: English • City of the speech: Paris, France See the conference in details



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Mike Jones

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Michael Jones is the President of MySpace. He is the former CEO of Userplane and former Senior Vice President of AOL. He brought Userplane from a startup services business to an applications provider and an AOL subsidiary. At AOL, Jones a Senior Vice President and manages Userplane within the Products division. He coordinates with other AOL subsidiaries and internal brands to enable distribution of Web applications to publishers under the Userplane brand. After leaving AOL Jones started Tsavo, a web media company that launched with a rumored $20m in financial backing. His time as Tsavo’s CEO was short as MySpace’s new CEO made Jones his first hire in 2009, making him COO. In February of 2010, Owen VanNatta stepped down as CEO and Newscorp promoted Jones to co-President.

Country or city of residence: Los Angeles, California
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