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Dave McClure on Storytelling in Business

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Startup whiz Dave McClure talks to Josh Bob about the role of storytelling in business, and how he arrives at his pitches.

Created: 12/06/2010 • 508269 view(s) • Date of speech: 03/12/2010 • Label: startup,storytelling • Language: English • City of the speech: San Francisco Bay Area



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Dave McClure

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Dave McClure is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, startup investor, and blogger. He currently works for Founders Fund and coordinates FF Angel LLC, a seed-stage investment program; as well as fbFund REV, a micro-seed incubator program for Facebook-related startups. Dave is an investor in over 30 startup companies including: Mint (acquired by Intuit), SlideShare, Twilio, Credit Karma, UserVoice,, CrowdFlower, KissMetrics, TeachStreet, RichRelevance, Mashery, and Simply Hired, among many others. From 2005-2006, Dave launched and ran marketing for job search engine Simply Hired. From 2001-2004, Dave was Director of Marketing at PayPal (acquired by eBay in 2002), where he started & ran the PayPal Developer Network program. Prior to PayPal, Dave was a database consultant & programmer for several companies, including Microsoft and Intel. In 1994 he founded Aslan Computing, an internet and e-commerce firm later acquired by Servinet/Panurgy in 1998.

Country or city of residence: San Francisco Bay Area
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