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Kevin Marks is author of the weblog Epeus Epigone. He is Vice President of Web Services at BT[1]. He became Principal Engineer for Technorati after working for both Apple and the BBC. At the TechCrunch event Realtime Stream Crunchup he announced that he would be joining BT to work together with JP Rangaswami. He is one of the founders of Microformats.

Country or city of residence: Harrow, UK
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Publics, Flow, Phatic, Tummeling and Out-groups 12/09/2009 
Do we really use too many buzzwords? Right now, “real-time”. Some words Kevin has found useful to describe the new web. Flow: the stream metaphor. Faces: we expect faces. Making the face bigger makes the information more relevant. A large part of our brain is about faces. Phatic: an action that is designed for social interaction, grooming purposes, not to communicate content. Following: not assuming that all relations are bi-directional. Basic pattern of the web. Hyperlinks go in one direction. This is what allowed the web to scale to the size it is. Very powerful in a social context too. Semi-overlapping publics: not just “one” public space, which is an invention of mass media. We all see a different web. We have different publics. Mutual media: all these networks are ways of making sense of the world, filtering the web for each other to make it more interesting. Small world networks: it’s easy for information to flow through these networks, and there are also long-range links, so we
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New Words You Need to Know to Understand the Web 11/20/2009 
At Web2expo I gave a 10-minute keynote on the new vocabulary needed to understand where the web is going - most of this comes from sociology and anthropology. If you've been following my blog, you'll recognise this inculdes ideas from my Twitter in Theory post, from the Flow Past Web, from one on Digital Publics and of course from the Tummler post.
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