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World Economic Forum

Next edition: 01/26/2011

route de la Capite 91
1223 Cologny Switzerland

The Annual Meeting 2011 will be particularly important as we rethink how to best achieve our mission. Improving the state of the world is increasingly important in a world still recovering from the recent financial crisis. The Meeting’s programme will concentrate on the important question of how to achieve this.

The Annual Meeting provides a rethinking of our systems and exploration of strategies and solutions that have positive transformational implications.

For more than four decades, the Annual Meeting has provided leaders from industry, government, academia, civil society and the media with an unrivalled platform to shape the global agenda and catalyse solutions at the start of each year.

The diversity and the informal and collaborative “spirit of Davos” mean that, as well as engaging with familiar faces, participants have the chance to connect with people they don’t know, who challenge the way they think and act.