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Conference informations

Future Of Web Apps

Next edition: 10/04/2010

The Brewery
52 Chiswell Street
EC1Y 4SD London England

The Future of Web Apps is coming back to London in 2010. The newly revitalised event is a beautiful three full days of essential web learning. There are brand new venues for both the conference and workshops, so there's a load of stuff you need to know! If you have any question about this year's event you can contact Louise, our Future of Web Apps Event Producer.

The Conference Venue
This year's conference will take place at The Brewery in London on 4th and 5th October. The Brewery has played host to many of London's most iconic events. Nestled amongst the city's high rise high flyers, the Brewery provides a welcome respite for guests seeking solace from today's identikit venue options.

The Workshops Venue
This year's workshops will take place at Wallacespace in London on 6th October. A stone’s throw from St Pancras, King’s Cross and Euston stations, Wallacespace St Pancras has only been open since April of last year and provides the perfect environment and atmosphere for learning.

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